The Railway Children

Looking for a Christmas theatre production suitable for all ages? Well, our next production at the theatre is the much loved classic The Railway Children by E. Nesbit and adapted by Mike Kenny.

The Railway Children. So well known, they seem to have become part of our modern culture. Originally serialised in the ‘London magazine’ in 1905, and published as a book in 1906 by Edith Nesbit, the story of three Edwardian children who leave their London home after their father is imprisoned and move to a country village has entertained, and been loved by generations.

Although radio and television adaptations have brought the adventures of Roberta, Phyllis and Peter to audiences, perhaps the 1970 film, directed by Lionel Jeffries gave us the iconic images we remember, and which now define the novel.

This production uses the script by Mike Kenny which formed the basis of the very successful stage production in 2008 at the National Railway Museum. A large tent was erected over a stage built either side of a railway track. The audience seating in effect was on each platform, a real locomotive making an appearance certainly surprised the audience.

Tonight, we hope you will be pleasantly surprised as you rediscover something about the play’s underlying themes and values: friendship, helpfulness, care, compassion and determination. Our backstage teams have risen marvellously to the challenge of recreating a distant age of innocence and branch line railway companies, a time when children could walk by a railway line without fear of electrocution (please don’t try this today young readers), and when station masters, such as the lovable but proud Perks, looked after his station as he would his own brood of children.

So come with Nesbit and her varied characters. Yes, at times she paints an idealised view of life in the country and childhood, but the story of this family coming to terms with a change in their surroundings and social circle, as well as the loss of a loved one, gives us hope this Christmas as our Railway children embody the spirit of the season in dealing with danger, working through their woes, and waving their wishes to success.

Make sure to wave and smile.


Written by the Director.


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