President’s Piece

As you all know the opening play of the season ‘Stones in His Pocket’ was a resounding success and congratulations to those involved.

Work in the Auditorium and set building on stage is still ongoing – going to be very last minute being ready for the opening of ‘Ghosts’ on Saturday, 27th October. If you haven’t already booked your tickets please do, there are still some available and mention it to friends and neighbours as it would be good to have all seats full for the first play under the new roof.

Tickets for our December play are already being booked so don’t leave it until the last minute.

Don’t forget the Wardrobe Sale being held on Thursday 8th November from 7.30 onwards. The more donations of clothing and accessories with lots of people buying the more money we raise to allow us to finish of some work.

Thanks to those who have already let me have their promises for the Promise Auction in January and as soon as I have enough I will start a programme to circulate to build up the anticipation.

There is still time to come down and help rather than leaving it to the faithful few.