Last Of The Red Hot Lovers

Barney Cashman is forty-seven years old – a staid, respectable man, the proprietor of a fish restaurant in New York in the late ‘sixties. He has been contentedly married for over twenty years, and what George Axelrod called “the seven-year itch” has only recently started to trouble him. Now, before it is too late, he decides to embark on an extra-marital fling, and he invites three wildly assorted ladies – separately, of course – to meet him at his mother’s apartment while she is not at home. Barney, it has to be said, is neither a dashingly-romantic Valentino nor a confident womaniser, and his choice of possible partners betrays a woeful lack of judgment – all of which provides the audience with three astonishingly varied, and equally hilarious, situations.


Neil Simon has a track record of over forty successful comedies, and several scripts for Hollywood musicals; a Pulitzer prizewinner, he enjoys the unique distinction of having a Broadway theatre named after him. His unique blend of sharp humour and shrewd observation has made him America’s most admired comedy writer. Our production is directed by Derek Slater, and the cast is: Mary Ellis, Phillippa O’Shea, Kathryn Way and Anthony Collier. It is almost twenty-five years since Chads presented this play, and over the years it has lost none of its sparkle.


Derek Slater, Director.


Last of the Red Hot Lovers ran from the 7th – 14th of September 2013.