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Chads Theatre’s next production is Breaking the Code from the 1st to the 8th of March 2014.

On 21st June 1948, the first true computer (an electronically stored – program computer) ran its first program. In 1988 this event was celebrated by the Department of Computer Science at Manchester University under the banner “Forty Years of Computing.

As part of these celebrations the Manchester University Stage Society presented the amateur premiere of “Breaking the Code” at the Green Room Theatre on 21st – 23rd June .

There are a number of links with our current production; Mary Wright who played Pat Green in 1988 plays Sara Turing in 2014. Michael Smith, director of our recent production of My Boy Jack played John Smith in 1988.Richard Ellis, a prominent member of Chads until his recent move to Germany played Ron Miller. Finally, Chads current president, Paul Burt designed the lighting in 1988 and does so again in this 2014 production.

This year, Turing will be played by Chads member Anthony Collier. It has been rumoured that the talented Benedict Cumberbitch will play Alan Turing in the upcoming movie version of his life story.


The Play

A play concerning the remarkable mind and tragic fate of Alan Turing; Mathematician, and computer pioneer who broke the code in two ways. One was by cracking the German Enigma Code at Bletchley Park during World War Two for which he was decorated by Churchill and lauded by the State. The second was by shattering the gentlemanly English code of sexual discretion and making little attempt to disguise his homosexuality. For this, he was arrested on a charge of gross indecency.

Whitemore’s play, shifting back and forth in time, constantly seeks to find a connection between the two events and tackles major questions, such as the relationship between mathematics and personal morals whilst telling a very good story.


Very recently, Alan Turing has been given a Royal Pardon for the way he was treated during his lifetime. You can read more on the recent news here -


Tickets are on sale now and are selling fast. Call the Box Office now on 0161 428 8712 to avoid disappointment.



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